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Related post: Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 23:06:08 -0700 From: Subject: Red 12Red by: dnrock( 12: Adventures in EuropeRuss was about as excited as a boy could be, flying for his first preteen incest daughter time. Kos had never been on a transoceanic preteen lil panties flight before but he had been to Disney Land and to Orlando. Their dad had flown many, many times and when Kos was younger, seamed to like it; of late he complained the fun was all gone. Kos could understand this. preteen panties stories One thing young pink preteens he is sensitive to are situations and feelings or moods. Dad was saying, in the old days you were treated like a customer, now preteen pussy mpegs you are treated like a butt filling a seat.They took a smaller tight preteen plane, a 737 from their city to Seattle and from there a 747 on the `great circle' route, to London. The travel arrangements had been preteen underage pics made through one of the Ganymede members. In fact, the agent had booked all their air travel: London, Amsterdam, Athens. Mostly he booked first class or business preteens modeling underwear class, preteen boys nudists where available. More expensive but at least a little more human.Kos was to see the art museums, in most of the major European cities and Simon had made arrangements for Russ, to see a spe******t who has an office in Athens. Mom thought that seeing Greece and some of the islands was a good idea preteen newsgroup anyway. She also thought it was a great opportunity for toplist preteen porn mother to spend some quality educational time with her sons.Another former Ganymede member was also travelling on the same flight. He is one of the archeologists from the university and a great friend of Freda and Les. The agent did not know this but he did know they would know each other, from having met at the club. This was also someone who Kos already knew as a visitor to the Smith home. On a preteen boy models long flight, good conversation makes the time go quickly and Dr. Albrech provided just that. But your all seeing narrator gets ahead of himself and Russell wants his say."I was sure of two minds about this European thing. I was sure excited about flying for the first time. I was very excited to be going to Athens. I am not exactly sure why russian preteen modals but I was. Perhaps it has to do with the last summer's Olympics. I was not all that keen on art museums but I know Kos is and I also know how preteen angels sex important seeing the real things is, to an art student. As long as we can share lots of time alone, I don't think it makes much difference to me.The other mind did not want to leave my friends, especially Sheila. Nancy and Simon were real good about it and I know he wants me to see this Dr. Dinosthenis Koronios. I think Simon is being just overly, well Simon. Nothing is wrong with me as far as I can feel. I guess Dr. Koronios met mom and dad in London, after Simon had sent him a letter preteens models 8 with my blood tests; they all decided I should pay him a visit in Athens. But I know I will be missing out on lots of fun and sports and swimming and my friends over the summer. I promised to send lots of emails and cards to sexis pre teens Sheila and all my other friends too. Kos said I could use his laptop. I bought a digital camera for myself. It is just a simple point and shoot, with a real good lens."Russ and Kos did not know Dr. Albrech was going to be on their flight. He was not on the 737 leg to Seattle. They preteen bbs sex did meet up in the boarding lounge and began talking. Russ started asking questions about his research and where in Europe boy portal preteen he was going and on and on. Dr. Sepp Albrech treated Russ like all the other club members, with complete indulgence."We are going to Athens too. Simon, he is my brother in law and family doctor, wants me to see a spe******t named, Dinos-the-nis Koro-nios, I think that his how it is pronounced," Russ offered."That is very good Russ, it is Dinosthenis Koronios, of course Doctor first. I know him very well. In fact, he is one of the owners of Paidi Nisi (Boy Island) where I am doing my research," Sepp informed."This is a small world, I mean that six degrees stuff must be true." Kos added."No Kos, it is not but you are correct, bbs best preteens it is a small world. Dem has an international reputation in some speciality of pediatrics." inocent preteen Sepp went on to explain how he met Dem and his life partner Thanos (Anthanasius Papas) and their preteens neuken eight sons. All boys from 12 through 17 or so. He described Paidi Nisi, a true boy paradise. It is an all male society: dads, boys, tutors, guardians, sand, sun, water, sports and a medieval monastery, built over an ancient temple, boats, airplanes and just about anything a boy could want. He winked several times, letting Kos and Russ realize this was a social sitting that had many similarities to the Ganymedes. It is a complete understatement to say Russ and Kos too were not only impressed and about to beg for an opportunity to visit."Why not just meet up with Dem for your appointment and then spend a few days on the island? Would you like an invitation, of course you will have to help the brothers on the dig but it is only a few hours a day. I have three graduate students that do most of the galleries preteen tgp work," Sepp suggested. He did not hesitate for an answer but activated the phone in preteen russian 10 the arm rest, with his credit card."Dr. Albrech here, may I speak with Dem please." Russ' eyes were a big a saucers, he could hear part of the other end. "This nude preteen star is Phillipos, Dr., Dem is teaching Yannie to fly the helicopter. If you hold on a bit japanese preteen upskirts I will get security to patch you through." Russ could hear someone shouting in Greek. "Yannie is one of the 17 year old sons." Sepp said."Sepp, how good to hear your voice again. I take it you are on your way preteen index incest to visit us," Dem answered."Yes, but that is not why I called. I am sitting here talking to one of your new patients, Russell Smith. preteen daughter sex I thought you should know he is one of my `young friends' as is his older brother, the artist that painted the Ganymede picture, I told you about." Sepp said."Oh yes, I met Russell's parents and I am to examine him in Athens next month. I take it you think he would benefit from a week or so hentai 3d preteen with my sons on Paidi Nisi?""He and Kosmos are more than looking forward to it. I can tell by loooooking at them." His eyes were fixed on the crotches of his companions and the size of those erections, left preteenmodel nude little doubt."I know Russell is 11, how old Kosmos," Dem asked?"Nineteen," Kos said."He is 19," Sepp relayed."And he painted that portrait of Ganymede you sent a photo of. I guess Photois will be xxx preteen clips thrilled, in more ways then one..." Dem added"Photois is his one of the 17 year olds and his hobby is photography." Sepp lowered his voice, "he is very handsome and I think bisexual and like his brothers, very well endowed."Dr. Albrech made it quite clear that the brothers and men of Paidi Nisi were members of a society, not unlike the Ganymede. He was sure that, had he not had his experience in the Ganymedes, that he would not have been invited to the island. His three graduate students were also selected because they were gay or bi. Male sex is freely practised and exchanged on the island and anyone who visits for more than a day or two, must, shall we say, have an open mind, if not be a participant.Russ and Kos would exchange many emails, with the Papas brothers over the coming weeks. Both our boys grew in anticipation, as they travelled across Europe toward Athens.Even on the great circle route, the flight to London is roughly eight hours. Even with the stimulating conversation and a reasonable movies, Russ' eyes were closed for the cheerleader pics preteen last two hours. He was using Kos as a pillow. Sepp remembered himself in Kos' position, many years before with his boy, his Ganymede, his beloved nephew, on long flights across oceans and continents. He missed his boy, he missed his daughters and grandchildren too. He longed to hold and spoil a child again. He was alone now. Having been divorced for many years. His boy, now a professor with his own boy. His daughters raising their families. All scattered across the world. At least he had the club during the winter and the Papas boys during the summer, to lavish his affection on.Frieda and Les were quite surprised to find Sepp, standing next to Kos erotic preteen cartoons and Russ, when sweet preteen art they arrived in the greeting area. Mother and father lavished their attention on sons and old friends. Russ was the most frequent recipient."It was now close to 20 hours since I had any sex with Kos. I was feeling deprived. I sure hope he is too. I just hope we can share the nudes preteen beach same bed, that's all."Well reader they did get to share the same bed, since the Smith's apartment only had two bedrooms and the guest room only had african preteen pussy one double bed. Russ however, did not get his sex, aside for a few kisses, both he and Kos were asleep as soon as the covers were pulled up. Travelling, even with interesting companions, is preteen x illegal in fact preteen free galleries quite stressful; that stress causes great weariness. Combined with the disruption of our natural rhythms, causes jet lag. In preteen angels models the old days of ships, even fast ships, their is enough time for the body to partly adjust to these changes.Your narrator digresses as he is wont to do. Sorry about that. Keep in mind, however, that your author is porn to launching into long discussions on the theory and purpose of the narrative in human society or some other esoteric subject or another. My job, in addition to keeping the story moving along, is keeping him in check.In the morning Les quietly checked on his sons. Both sound asleep, Russ' head pressed against Kos' shoulder, their gold necklaces almost touching. He smiled giving each a gentle kiss on the cheek and preteens naked porn left for his office. Les was relieved and satisfied with a profound feeling of relief and comfort. A parents concern for his or her children never ends, it just gets easier to live with. Les could see his boys had bonded in all the ways hot preteens euros a man could ever want asian nudist preteens his sons to bond. Being a brother is one way but being a boy's man was another. He knew lollita photo preteen from experience just how important being preteen 12yr naked a father was, in his own preteen video gallery maturation and development. He also knew how important being that man was. A boy's man is not father or brother but friend, mentor guide and sometimes lover. Kos had been challenged and has risen to it. Les' heart filled with pride and comfort in that knowledge.While winding his way through the Oxford and vicinity traffic, his mind wandered back those short 10 months and Nancy's phone call. candid preteen lollita It was not her call that totally convinced him. It was Eric's. Nancy's concern was focused on Russ and what was best for him. Eric's was focused on Kos and what was best for him. Eric, the nephew he loved and guided and who he knew loved Kos, even more than his own much older brother, advised, in this instance danish preteen sex correctly, it was best for Kos and Russ both. Eric's take was that Kos need both the companionship and responsibility of a younger brother and if his hunch was right, the responsibility of being the boy's man, would make him into the adult, they both hoped he would become.Les had been pleased with the progress of both his sons, along their long and twisting road to manhood. He had been pleased to learn preteen free fotos how well the boys had bonded. He had been amazed at the speed of that bonding. His experienced eye could see not only acceptance of the responsibility of family, but the pure devotion of lovers.For her part, Freda wondered just a little about her sons. To her mother's eye she could see something more than kinship, something more than older brother adoration and little brother protectiveness. Privately she wondered just what those necklaces truly represented, at least to the boys. She beautiful teens preteens had no illusions about Les' motives. He always had a keen eye for design and the tasteful application of his science, he was not one to dwell on symbols. That was one of the things that attracted her to him in the first place. She always knew or suspected their was more going on between her husband and her youngest nephew, preteen nudeboys than anyone would admit. She never once broached the subject to either. What ever it was, it had no ill effects on their relationship or the workings of the family. If anything, both man and boy seamed to grow and prosper by it. At times Eric was more son to her preteens nudist underage than to her older sister, neither a good or preteen cartoon toplist bad thing, just the way it seamed to be.She was not blind, she knew the boys, Kos and Eric, were experimenting sexually. She did not know if Les encouraged it but obviously he didn't discourage it; if she knew, he must have too. She took comfort in the knowledge that Russ would not allow himself to be abused, ever again. No matter what her sons were up to, behind closed petite sexy preteens preteen lol pitcures doors, it was obviously mutual and shared, the kind of devotion between, was evidence of that..........................."Freda, on the trip over, the boys preteen model larissa told me Russ was to see my old friend and dig sponsor Dr. Koronios, in Athens next month.""That's correct Sepp, I didn't know you knew him.""I am on my way to Greece, later this afternoon. My preteen myusenet summer digs are on the same small island Dem and his family live on.... I think the boys would have a first class time on Paidi Nisi, extrem preteen xxx if you would let them stay for porn preteen vintage a week or so, after your Athens visit.""I'm sure of that too. I know Les would also like to visit but I don't think he can get away. Let me see, vicky preteen model we leave for Athens on the 7 and are to return on the 11. I am needed here at the school on the 12th.""I took the liberty of talking to Dem little preteenz xxx earlier today and he assured me that the boys would be put on a direct, Athens to London flight on the 20th.""The tickets are paid for and not refundable, I'm not sure...""Dem has more that a little pull at Olympic and I'm sure he can get that changed, given the "medical need" for free preteen fuck Russ to stay in Greece preteen comic tpg longer. Dem's father is one of the senior executives at Olympic, if I'm not mistaken. Tell Kos, one of Dem's sons will email him with all the details.""What if the boys don't want to extend?""They will when they get the email, trust me on that.""Who was preteen blowjob gallery that mom," Kos asked?"That was Sepp...He said one preteen videos archive of Dr. Koronios' sons would be email you and Russ with details, what ever that is to mean.""Oh, he told us about the island and his dig and toplist preteen free his grad students and about all the boys that live on the island; he told us we could swim and sail boats and fly airplanes and everything," Russ blurted out."Then you knew he would call," Freda questioned?"Well he said he was sure Dr. Koronios would invite us but he did need to ask him first," Kos answered."I take it you do want to accept." Freda preteen being naughty looked at Kos but it was Russ that answered."Absolutely, can dad come underground child preteen too?" Kos just smiled and nodded his agreement. Freda thought now that shows a different side of my putas preteen oldest son. She was sure he would express some kind of hesitation at taking a week away from his planned adventures. Nancy was absolutely right in her analysis, Kos had matured, several orders of magnitude since they had last been in the US.While Sepp did not say anything directly, to suggest the culture of Paidi Nisi was anything like the Ganymede Society, he preteen nudis definitely left Russ and Kos with that impression. Especially when he told them the island was exclusively male. It was the smile on his face that gave that message."You will need to ask him yourself but I don't think that is possible, like me, he has some commitments for that time here in Oxford. Now how about some breakfast?" Freda replied.Freda noted one thing had not changed, her boys were still desnudos preteen model both consuming more food at any one time, then she did in one day. Another thing she quickly realized was how tolerant the pergnant preteen photos boys were, of each others needs and interests. Russ did not seam to mind at all, when Kos' attention became fixated on the nearest good looking girl, nor did he seam to mind spending hours looking at one kind of art or another. At the same time, Kos went out of his way to include fun things for thai preteen model Russ, like: amusement parks, beaches and museums full of armor and weapons. Les and Freda went on as many short trips with he boys as they jap preteen nudes possibly could. Russ was absolutely thrilled to be with his family. Kos is young enough to enjoy such things on his own and with Russ' company all the better. Having spent the preteen x model better part of a year in bed together, the brothers had an appreciation for each others needs and desires. Making your lover happy, is in itself, its' own reward.The Aesthetic Bridge, was the name of an art exhibit in Redding, that attracted the attention of the whole family. Freda realized right off that Les was going to be interested in the subject. Kos was always interested in design of any kind preteen clit pic and Russ just seamed to idolize his dad and brother, so he would willingly go along, if they did.The exhibition was in an old public building of some sort or another, perhaps a former court or municipal office. Anyway it was old and stately, with lots of windows and big ornate doors. Inside were large rooms with high ceilings. The exhibition consisted of huge black and white photographs of the bridges being illustrated, along with large models in glass cases. The bridges were an extreme preteen nymphets eclectic group, some very small, just foot bridges, some the most preteen photo bitch expansive ever built. Some were very old and others the most modern going. Bridges from around the world were depicted. Russ was pleased to see Les had two bridges, one was a small foot bridge, designed to cross a deep but narrow canyon in Colorado and a very long suspension preteen thumbs underground bridge, that had been built recently in Japan.Their were many famous bridges like those of London and New York. Many utilitarian bridges, such as small canal crossings from the Netherlands and draw bridges from Chicago, Tokyo and other river cities. The main theme was elegance and utility. Form and function, as it were. As the family moved around Les explained to Russ, for only the fashion preteen porn second or third time and to Freda and Kos for the hundredth, why this or that shape was used. The relative importance of the triangle and arch in load caring capacity and so on. Russ immediately began to relate his load baring capacity computer experiments, to the designs he was looking at.He began asking fairly detailed questions of Les. Dragging dad from one model to another, to gain a better understanding of the math, he only partly understood. The one thing he immediately realized, the principals expressed in some the oldest and simplest examples, were merely repeated in the longer and more sophisticated designs. This held true up to the advent of the suspension bridge, where the figures of arch and triangle gave way, to the load distribution function of the cables, along with the sweeping curves and elegance.Kos was busy making sketches in his pocket sketch book, while Freda and Les sat at the coffee bar for refreshments. Russ was busy studying some of the aspects he had been questioning earlier.Each bridge had a short explanation of where it was built, purpose, materials, age or date, designer/engineer(s) and so on. He had decided that while dad's suspension bridge was elegant, it was more engineering marvel than art. While his foot bridge, was just pure elegance and simplicity, a long sweeping arch, that blended into the walls of the canyon, it spanned. Because it was not used for, or even designed for, heavy loads, it was not massive but almost female in nature.Russ was intensely looking at this elegant structure, its picture that is, when he overheard a man telling his children, "I would like to meet this Mr. Smith the designer, but it says he lives in America."Russ not being the least bit shy, snapped out of his concentration turned around and said. "Hi, I'm Russell Smith and my dad is just over getting a coffee, it you want to meet him?" Russ thrust out his had. The man was quite taken aback for an instant. Not knowing if this was some kind of joke or not. The kid did have an American accent, that was for sure. "James Bowler," he said taking Russ' hand with a firm shake. "My dad is consulting here and my mom is on sabbatical, studying at Oxford. My brother and I are here for the summer." Russ looked around but could not spot his parents, he did spot his brother. "I'll get my brother and go and find my parents."That done, Russ quickly made friends with the Bowler children, a boy about 9 and a girl about 11. His combination of bright red hair preteen gangbang and infectious smile, won them pre teen girlsgallery over in an instant. hardcore preteen ls Kos returned to his sketching while Les and Freda made a new friend and Russ explained to the children why preteen girl nonnude the bridges were designed the way they were. No one but Freda noticed how gregarious Russ was or how well he explained things to the younger children. Things he just a few minutes ago himself had learned. It was his explanation of the standing wave function, in child friendly terms, that blew her away. Until she listened alt binaries preteenz to it, she herself , Ph.D. and all, had not fully understood it before.Les came away with a new client and Freda with a new understanding and respect for her new son. This was not just a mother's biased view of a child's talent, it was, all be it bewildered, respect for his eye and his obvious innate mathematical skills. Freda had no way to know Russ had been poring over Les' engineering and math books. She had no way to know that he understood what they were saying, even if she knew he was looking at them. russian preteens sexy To Russ, algebra and calculus were just another way of representing the world, using numbers. He had no idea it was hard or difficult for others. He had no clue not everyone was like him. He preteen sex sex just assumed, since it all made perfect sense in his mind, it must for others too.Russ preteen toplist dark and Kos crawled into bed. It had been a long day and with mom in attendance, pic candid preteen one not punctuated by crotch preteen pretty portal and ass play or heavy kissing. Dad would understand but mom probably wouldn't. That is what the boys thought. In truth, their mother was far more sophisticated and worldly than they imagined.They had started their sex play well before sliding onto the bed. Kissing, embracing, fondling, letting each other explore their bodies with hands and lips. They had wanted each other all afternoon and evening. It was obvious to Les, as the watched them making those longing looks and lovers sly glances sitting in the back seat of their small car.No romance tonight. Lust for sure, passion as always. Tonight was get naked, get sexed up, get fucked, sleep. Well it wasn't quite that simple. The getting naked part was quick and easy, the boys pulled off their clothing and headed to the shower. That's when the fun begins, where the foreplay starts.Russ knelt on the bed, his pert, butt presented at the right height for Kos' long cock. Kos leaned over, parting the smooth round cheeks, to expose the nicest little pucker he could imagine for his probing tongue. The lad's scent filled his nostrils, driving his erection to its fullest possible extent. girl bbs preteen The veins bulging and precome dripping, he was more than ready. Ready to fill his favourite boy's void. Russ was ready, his breathing rapid with anticipation, his sphincter relaxed and opening to the probing tongue. He was ready to receive his most revered phallus, his brother's, his man's.Russ' own smaller phallus was also solid, projecting up and out from his lean tummy, with is small scrotum hanging vertically and oh so tempting. Kos wanted to move his mouth forward and engage the boys goodies but he resisted. Straightened up and adding a few drops of lube to his precome dripping cock head, pressed the tip against the saliva coated anus. Russ let out a quiet sigh of relief, as the long hard penis slide easily into its velvet like sheath. Home at last, Russ thought. child preteens bbs It was Kos' job to deliver maxim pleasure to his boy and he took this most seriously, making sure to engage Russ' prostrate with each and every measure stroke. It was Russ' job be make this as pleasurable as possible for his man, making sure to clamp his sphincter tightly on the phallus as it slipped in and out. Long slow strokes at first, gathering speed as Kos' hips undulated back and forth. Russ let his head and upper body drop to the bed, pressing his face into it muffling his moans of pleasure.Kos' butt cheeks tightening and relaxing in rhythmic unison, with his forward and backward hip motions. Desperately trying to keep his vocalizations to the absolute minimum. Kos was rapidly building to climax, when he felt Russ' sphincter's powerfully grab is cock, signalling his climax. He had done it. He delivered his greatest gift to his beloved little brother a hands free climax resulting from his butt fucking only. Russ spewed forth squirt after squirt of ejaculated over the bed sheets. Kos exploded into his little man, six shots of his sacred seminal fluid.The brothers rested for a few seconds as Russ' sphincter expelled the now softening penis. Pushing it out of its velvet sheath........................Kos and Russ were kissing so intensely they didn't even notice dad slip into the bedroom. He stood quietly, leaning against the closed door, admiring his sons. He top tgp preteens admired their naked bodies pressing tightly together. Little Russ with is perfect butt and smooth body contours. Kos his well formed upper body, small mid section and massive penis, poking up between Russ' legs, as the boy lay on his brother. In his hand were several black Jersey Jockstraps, the kind without straps, which he had seen and thought would look more than good on japanes preteen his boys bodies. The boys were so intent on a tongue based tonsil inspection, they did not notice as Les approached the bed. Russ only became aware of his presence when he gently touched the lads naked butt; Kos, when Russ reacted by pulling slightly away."Hi preteen gallery pics italian preteen nudity dad," Russ and Kos young preteen nn said in unison. Les did not readily take his hand away but continued to ever so gently stroke his new son's buttocks and upper legs. This of course naked preteen cartoon sent underage topless preteen his already rock hard cock into over aussie preteen models drive and pressing into Kos body. "I have a present for pictures preteen pedo you two." He held out the jocks.Oh ya, these did look good on his boys and oh ya, they continued preteen boys board3 to look good when Russ' rather tight shorts slipped over them. His only regret was the interlocking pattern of the necklaces both boys were never without, was not available on the waist bands of the Jocks, that he thought would be most fitting. He had hoped they would fit and they did, on Russ just, any larger and they would have fallen off.Seeing his boys model these briefest of briefs, he was impressed. Not that he had never seen his children naked or in very brief attire before. Kos stood tall and proud. His engorged manhood straining to get out. Russ was not straining to get out but filling the pouch on never the less. The smooth black strip of cloth circling their middles just hanging on their hips was almost artistic. The effect was as his minds eye envisioned. The leg muscles, being prominent and sub-vertical, abruptly terminated at the waist band. The sub horizontal muscles of the midsections, paralleled it. This emphasis of division was highlighted and oh so sexy. Each boy received a kiss then he and his bulging crotch, disappeared out the door. Both Russ and Kos would have gladly relieved dad's obvious over stimulation but as so many times before, it was not to be.
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